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Dynamic solutions for academic and mission-critical facility design.

SCHRADERGROUP is an architectural and engineering design firm, specializing in the planning and design of places for K-12, higher education, public safety, and athletics.

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For emergency services centers, law enforcement buildings, and mission critical facilities, survivability and redundancy, efficiency, ergonomics, and productivity are key to making each building functional and effective.

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Innovative, functional design for primary and secondary schools sparks the imagination for both students and staff alike.

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Energy and flexibility come together to create athletic facilities that enhance the user experience for athletes and spectators alike.

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SCHRADERGROUP designs for the community, with the community - involving our clients, key stakeholders, and the project’s end users at every stage of the process. Through collaboration, a high attention to detail, and innovative design strategies, we create innovative places tailored for the people who will utilize them every day.