3750 Reasons Why We Do What We Do

When we get caught up in the mechanics of the day-to-day, we often lose sight of exactly what it is that got us to where we are, and why we are doing what we are doing.  If we’re lucky, we get reminders that help us to remember.

As architects for the K-12 market, we can get pretty engulfed by the myriad details that go into designing and building a new school.  And multiply the details by three if you are simultaneously designing and constructing three sister schools in one district!  So it was with great pleasure that we viewed a video created by Bristol Township School District (BTSD) music teacher, Mr. Joe Marlow, documenting the transition of students coming from nine outdated elementary schools into three brand new 140,400 SF facilities recently completed by SCHRADERGROUP (SG).

Watching the reactions of the students as they become acquainted with their new ‘homes’ was a powerful reminder of the reason why we come to work every day.  Or, in the case of BTSD, with three projects each serving 1250 students, the 3750 little reasons.

Thanks to the Bristol Township School District and community for such a rewarding experience.  We wish you all the best in your new facilities!

If you have difficulty viewing the video above, please watch the video here.