Elementary School Project Receives Additional Accolades in Learning by Design Fall 2016

SCHRADERGROUP (SG) happily received an Outstanding Project award for excellence in educational facility design in the fall 2016 issue of Learning by Design for Brookwood Elementary School, a new facility recognized for its overall plan, architectural design and for having attributes worthy of imitation.

The new school is designed to support two specific grade-grouping structures, K-2 and 3-5, in a “school within a school” configuration.  The design places functions shared by both programs, including the Media Center, dining, gymnasium, administration, and art and music instruction, at the center of the building with other academic spaces flanking the shared core.  Learning studios, small group instruction areas and large group instruction areas provide spaces for individual, small-, medium- and large-group learning.  Spaces traditionally used as vertical transition areas function as additional dynamic, large group instruction spaces in the form of “learning stairs”.

The distinguished jury of architects and end-users for Learning by Design commended SG for our success in designing Brookwood Elementary School after judging the project based on six criteria: Innovation, Community Need, Interior Design, Sustainability, Functional Design and 21stCentury Learning.  “Very efficient plan that successfully breaks down the school into two,” and “Good use of learning stairs,” were among jury comments.

To learn more about the project, please visit www.learningbydesign.biz or our website.