Pat McFeely, Public Safety Market Segment Leader for SCHRADERGROUP, Featured in Facility Executive Magazine

The June 2024 issue of Facility Executive Magazine features an interview with Pat McFeely, SCHRADERGROUP’s Public Safety Market Segment Leader, and Steve Devon, RMF Engineering’s Sr. Project Manager. The article, Preparing for Disaster: Designing the Last Building Standing, unpacks the planning and design process behind resilient mission-critical facilities.

Mr. McFeely expounds upon the pivotal factors to consider when designing these structures: “Our job as designers is to ensure that the architecture responds to those risks while still being contextually relevant and welcoming to the community.” The designers behind these facilities must create a balance between building resilience and user ergonomics. This fine line is crucial to the efficiency of emergency responders and to the well-being of the community.

Pat also notes that “emergency services are stressful, demanding, and sometimes tragic, so everything we design is in support of the people performing that work.” Every facility SCHRADERGROUP designs positions the individuals who utilize these spaces 24/7 to be safe and comfortable. While no two emergency response facilities are the same, each one provides tailored results for the community’s needs.

To read the full interview, click here.