Brookwood Elementary, Mill Creek Elementary, and Keystone Elementary Schools, Bristol Township School District

SG was engaged to complete a District-Wide Feasibility Study for the Bristol Township School District (BTSD) that included existing facility assessments of nine elementary schools, three middle schools and a high school. The facility assessments and feasibility study, along with an independent demographics analysis performed by DecisionInsite, led the district to a conclusive direction for major District-Wide capital improvements. After extensive evaluation of options and District cost impacts, it was determined that three new elementary schools would be developed to replace the nine existing and aging elementary structures and subsequently provide significant savings for the future.

SG developed the three elementary schools as sister schools of the same design. Each building functions as a school-within-a-school serving a total population of 1300 students. The school-within-a-school concept supports two distinct student bodies: a K-2 program and a 3-5 program. The two programs are served by a common core of facilities that provide all support needs for both programs.

Incorporating sustainable measures that include ground source heat pump system, recycled/renewable materials, rain gardens, high-efficiency building envelope, and dimmable/daylight-controlled lighting systems, the District also is reducing overall energy usage by consolidating the population of three inefficient buildings into one highly-efficient facility.

Through consensus-based planning, SG and BTSD successfully integrated a large group of stakeholders in the ultimate design of the facilities.


Bristol Township School District


Levittown, Pennsylvania

Project Type

New Facility

Size in SF

140,400 each facility total SF

Construction Value

$33.4 million Brookwood Elementary, $33.5 million Mill Creek Elementary, $36.2 million Keystone

Year of Completion

August 2016


  • Outstanding Design | American School & University Architectural Portfolio 2015 and 2016
  • Outstanding Design | American School & University Educational Interiors Showcase 2016
  • Outstanding Project | Learning by Design Fall 2016