Motivation High School, School District of Philadelphia

Motivation High School is located at 5900 Baltimore Avenue in West Philadelphia. SG was retained to provide design and documentation for renovation of the existing school focusing on systems replacement, environmental remediation, masonry/envelope restoration, accessibility, select renovations within the school, site modifications and wayfinding/branding.

The scope of work generally consists of alterations to the existing Motivation High School, a 190,000 SF Facility constructed in 1969 as a middle school. The plan is composed of three roughly square volumes with wide connecting corridors: Block A is one story and houses the gymnasium, swimming pool, locker rooms and related support space. Block B is three stories and houses classrooms, labs, IMC, cafeteria, kitchen, offices and mechanical room. Block C is one story and houses the auditorium and music and art suites. The first floor finish floor elevation of Block A and Block C is 6’-0” above that of Block B creating accessibility issues.

Renovation work includes, but is not limited to, the following: demolition and interior alterations; interior alterations to the Auditorium, Cafeteria and Science Labs. Environmental Remediation involving removal of mold and asbestos containing materials. New construction work includes options for a new Entry sequence. Site work includes new perimeter fencing, , courtyard furnishing and planting enhancements, drains and backflow preventers, outdoor classroom enhancements, and main entry enhancements.


School District of Philadelphia


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Project Type


Size in SF

190,000 total SF

Construction Value

$17.2 million estimated

Year of Completion

August 2020 anticipated