Newtown Campus Science Building Conceptual Design, Bucks County Community College

SG developed a conceptual design for a new, state-of-the-art science center for the Newtown Campus of Bucks County Community College. The 33,000 SF facility is composed of a lab core repeated in the floor plan for three stories to provide laboratories and teaching spaces for the College’s Chemistry, Biology, Bio-tech and Nursing programs. A lattice-work of pathways through the building connects all functional components via an atrium intended to provide a space for the exchange of ideas both horizontally and vertically. Multiple nooks located throughout this walkway allow students to break off and socialize. To provide even more socialization space, a commons space that includes a student café is provided at the ground level along with a green roof deck on the second level.


Bucks County Community College


Newtown, Pennsylvania

Project Type

Conceptual Design

Size in SF

33,000 total SF