O’Hara Hall, University of Scranton

SG worked with Caretti Restoration and Preservation Services to investigate the condition of exterior masonry, primarily on the stone parapet/balustrade, from which pieces of stone had recently dislodged. The purpose of the investigation was to provide a written conditions assessment report that included observations and findings; conclusions about the cause(s) of deterioration and water infiltration; and recommendations for further evaluation and corrective action.
Following close visual examination of the stone parapet/balustrade, copper-lined external gutter, and conditions of specific interior walls, the team discerned multiple reasons for the deterioration of the areas in question, including:
• Long-term water infiltration issues
• Original construction/installation methodology
• Lack of expansion capability
• Roofing termination bar anchorage failure
• Lack of maintenance
• General age and weathering
Concerns about the stability and weather-integrity of the stone parapet/balustrade led the team to recommend two possible approaches for restoration: Stabilization / Repair / Maintenance, or Removal / Reconstruction. Suggestions for both approaches were presented to the University in a Conditions Assessment Report for evaluation based on the University’s budget, goals for physical appearance, and level of expectation for future performance.

SG providing programming and schematic design services to AECOM, Washington, DC and WCGS, Albany, NY. Photo courtesy of WCGS.


University of Scranton


Scranton, Pennsylvania

Project Type

Masonry Investigation

Year of Completion