9-1-1/Emergency Operations Center, FEMA CSEPP Program, Pueblo County

Following completion of a Programming and Planning Study completed by SG, our firm, in association with local firm HGF Architects of Pueblo, was selected to complete the design for a new Emergency Services Center serving the needs of the County, the region and the CSEPP program. The new 27,000 SF facility is comprised of ESB staff offices, training/media briefing areas, EOC, CSEPP offices, public safety IT offices, Communications Center (E911), Joint Information Center, equipment rooms, common areas, and storage areas with associated ancillary and support spaces, security, parking and related amenities.

The facility is sited on an important piece of property located immediately adjacent to the historic courthouse and the new state-of-the-art county public health department building. The new 9-1-1/EOC works with the vocabulary of the public health department building and additionally frames views to the historic courthouse. This was accomplished while also establishing the standoff requirements for a facility of this type.


FEMA CSEPP Program, Pueblo County


Pueblo, Colorado

Project Type

New Facility

Size in SF

27,000 total SF

Construction Value

$8.1 million

Year of Completion