SCHRADERGROUP Completing Programming and Planning Study for Bradford County Emergency Operations Center

SCHRADERGROUP (SG) is pleased to be providing public safety programming and planning services for the design of a new County Emergency Operations and Multi-Agency Training Facility for Bradford County. The new facility is intended to serve the various emergency response organizations, local industry, and municipal government in the County/Region. It will include fire, medical, law enforcement and hazardous materials, and potentially be expanded to provide training services for natural gas drilling operations and related services as well as general industry.

Following completion of a needs assessment, a design for a new facility will be developed to house the County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), as well as a training facility. The facility and proposed site would incorporate various training components to include classroom technology, shooting range, fire, EMS, hazardous material, and technical rescue training, as well as specialized natural gas drilling, pipeline, and typical fire training structures.