SCHRADERGROUP Principal Takes Part in ‘Building for Achievement’ Charrette

SCHRADERGROUP (SG)’s Managing Principal, David Schrader, was invited by Tacoma Public Schools to participate in their ‘Building for Achievement’ Guiding Principles Charrette. Tacoma Public Schools, Tacoma, Washington, is a progressive and innovative school system that sets goals high for both their students as well as the leaders of the school system itself. A $500 million bond issue in 2013 is allowing the District to focus on a number of modernization, new construction and smaller capital projects for their schools. Although winners over the past decade of numerous design awards for their facilities, Tacoma Public Schools wants to continuously challenge their approach to how they teach and how they operate their facilities, as well as to better understand how their students want and need to learn. To do this, they regularly conduct events such as the Guiding Principles Charrette – an intense two-day design workshop involving representation from various segments of the District as well as members of the professional community such as architects, engineers and industry partners.

Building for Achievement Guiding Principles Charrette

‘Building for Achievement’ Guiding Principles Charrette

SG Managing Principal David Schrader, nationally-recognized for his contributions to design for education and a leader in the Council of Educational Facility Planners International (CEFPI), was honored to participate. Greatly inspired by the event, David said, “In this process, everybody gets together and is actually open to the discussion. All of these designers are letting their cats out of the bag, so to speak. They’re talking about their thought process which, in the end, will turn into learning environments for the kids. This is really exciting to be a part of it.”

Congratulations to David for being invited to take part in such an exciting event!