SCHRADERGROUP Project Architect Helps Kick Off “Classrooms for the Future” Project at Roberts Elementary School in Upper Merion Area School District

The SCHRADERGROUP (SG) team recognizes that the facilities we design can also become tremendous project-based learning experiences for the students that inhabit our facilities!

Recently, Project Architect, Dan D’Amico, AIA, had the opportunity to help kick off an assignment about designing “Classrooms for the Future” for 1st graders at Roberts Elementary School in the Upper Merion Area School District (UMASD). SCHRADERGROUP recently designed and currently has in construction two new elementary schools for UMASD, Caley Elementary School and Gulph Elementary School.

Mr. D’Amico assembled a presentation showing overview of architecture and the role architects play during the design process. He then discussed the differences between classrooms of the 20th century versus learning studios for the future. As part of this experience, students provided creative observations about the colors and shapes used in the next generation of learning studios to help stimulate learning. The students also expressed curiosity about the process of constructing academic facilities.

The 1st grade students were beginning to design a “Classroom of the Future” as part of an overall critical thinking and design project. Mr. D’Amico’s presentation helped kick off the project with real-world experience by showing designs for the new Caley and Gulph elementary schools currently being constructed in Upper Merion. To help introduce the students to their assignment, Dan provided “architect’s tools” to the students.  Following this introduction, the children approached their project with excitement!

SG strives to utilize the processes that we advocate through our building designs in order to achieve the goal of enhancing communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking for the next generation of learners.