SCHRADERGROUP Visits Blair Mill Elementary for Their Grade Level “Tiny House” Project

As part of SCHRADERGROUP’s (SG) mission to do their part to enhance the student’s educational experience, members of the team continue to inspire students through the built environment as well as investing in their educational development through participation in the classroom. Recently, the SG team contributed to Hatboro-Horsham School District, Blair Mill Elementary School’s “Tiny House” grade level project. SG kicked off the program by speaking with students about the architecture profession and about the process of planning for a “Tiny House.”

To help put into context how a building is designed, Danielle V. Hoffer, Senior Project Manager for the new Crooked Billet Elementary School in Hatboro-Horsham School District, used the new school project as an example of the concepts the students must consider when planning and designing their own “Tiny House.” Similar to designing a school building, the students must consider where their “Tiny House” will be built, who they will be building it for and what they will need to include as part of their design to work.

Over the following weeks the students will be reading and writing about “Tiny Houses”, learning about the environmental and social impacts of a “Tiny House” versus a larger home and will then create the design of their own “Tiny House.” Ms. Hoffer indicated that their questions demonstrated their unbridled imagination and creativity at this early age, as well as their enthusiasm for the project.  She also expressed how exciting it was to contribute to this great project-based learning experience!