SCHRADERGROUP Welcomes Our Summer Interns!

SCHRADERGROUP warmly welcomes our annual summer interns! This year’s interns are Alissa Kinney, Shubh Savani, and Isaac Buxton. The interns will shadow our team members and assist with projects throughout the design process to gain a well-rounded sense of what a career in architecture resembles. The members of our internal Mentorship Committee will assign each intern to one major project for the summer where the interns will aid with smaller tasks throughout their time here, gaining knowledge and experience for their individual growth.

Alissa is a fourth-year student at Pennsylvania State University studying architecture with a minor in Architectural History. Alissa studied abroad at the Pantheon Institute in Rome, where she won first place in the Piranesi Prix de Roma Competition. She is an active member of the AIA Students chapter.

Shubh is in the fourth year of his program and Pennsylvania State University, pursuing a bachelor’s in architecture with minors in Economics and Art History. Shubh is an active member of his community and has been involved in various arts and architecture clubs throughout his educational career. He also studied at the Pantheon Institute in Rome and gained invaluable experience to strengthen his knowledge and appreciation for architecture.

Isaac is in his final year at Jefferson University’s College of Architecture & the Built Environment. Isaac aspires to accumulate a wealth of work experience while embracing opportunities to travel. Isaac recently embarked on a six-month internship with Olson Kundig in Seattle. Isaac gained valuable professional exposure while exploring a new city through this opportunity.

We look forward to any chance to share knowledge, experience, and community with others, and our internship program serves as the ideal opportunity to connect.