SCHRADERGROUP Welcomes to the team, our newest Regional Manager!

SCHRADERGROUP (SG) is delighted to introduce the newest addition to our team! Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Thomas Wippenbeck as he joins our SG family!

Thomas Wippenbeck
Regional Manager
Kent State University – Bachelor of Architecture

Thomas brings a wealth of expertise to our team with his 26 years of experience. He has been extensively involved in all facets of the architectural design and management process, ranging from client pursuits and retention to overseeing the design and construction administration process. Additionally, he has played a key role in producing marketing proposals and public relations. Thomas has gained extensive experience working with various architectural firms, in addition to running his own practice. While overseeing his own practice, he successfully managed the construction of a hotel, an 8-story office building, and the renovation of a farmhouse. For 14 years prior, Thomas was a Senior Associate and Project Manager in the K−12 education design studio within Stantec/Burt Hill where he was responsible for leading the internal design team, as well as maintaining client relationships and expectations.

At SG, Thomas plays a vital role as the point of contact for clients and projects located in western Pennsylvania. Through his dedicated efforts in establishing and nurturing client relationships, Thomas actively contributes to the development and maintenance of strong connections. His role is instrumental in facilitating smoother project management and fostering enhanced collaboration with clients. By effectively bridging the gap between SG and its western Pennsylvania clients, Thomas ensures seamless communication, increased responsiveness, and a higher level of client satisfaction.

“-the projects we work on are helping to create and stimulate the next generation…” – Thomas

Welcome, Thomas! We are thrilled to have you on board the SG team. Our team is excited to share our company culture and practices with you, and we are eager to support you in your path to success.

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