Smart Planning at Work

In July, we posted an entry that focused on empowering school districts through intelligent planning. We touched on our recent commitment to a Pennsylvania school district, Bristol Township School District (BTSD) in Levittown, to complete a district-wide assessment and feasibility study. The study led to some remarkable achievements that perfectly illustrate smart, targeted planning at work.

Identifying the Issues

Collaborating with SCHRADERGROUP (SG) on a District-Wide Feasibility Study that examined conditions at nine elementary schools, three middle schools and a high school, BTSD faced some hard facts about the state of the facilities in the District. Three things became quite clear:

  1. The District’s current facilities are deteriorating and increased costs will be incurred long-term for each year that maintenance-only upgrades are implemented.
  2. The District will soon experience an issue with increased enrollment.
  3. Replacing and strategically renovating the District’s facilities presently will yield future savings that will enable the District to afford 21st century learning environments and additionally will aid in enhancing property values in the District.

The District also wisely realized that time was a factor, and that acting swiftly would allow them to take advantage of state reimbursement opportunities, historically low interest rates, and a diminishing debt service for previously completed projects.

Determining Optimal Solutions

The facility assessments and feasibility study conducted by SG, combined with information gained from an independent demographics analysis, led the District to a conclusive direction for major District-wide capital improvements. After extensive evaluation of multiple options and District cost impacts, it was determined that three new elementary schools would be developed to replace the nine existing, aging elementary structures. What makes this exceptionally noteworthy is that the work could be completed with NO increased tax burden to residents.

As a result of smart planning, the District was able to formulate a strategy that boasted many advantages, a few of which include:

  1. Replacing aging, inadequate facilities with new facilities offering 21st century learning environments
  2. Accommodating projected enrollment increases
  3. Reducing operating costs

Implementing the Plan

When the District elected to move forward, SG was retained to begin work on the design of the three new elementary schools. Following an intensive community-based planning process, design of the three new schools is well underway. SG is pleased and proud to be a part of the endeavor and looks forward to delivering to BTSD cost-effective, energy efficient, 21st century facilities that meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs for students, faculty and the community as a whole.


Prototype design for three sister elementary schools in Bristol Township School District.