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SCHRADERGROUP Opens A New Regional Office!

SCHRADERGROUP (SG) is expanding! The team is proud to announce that we have opened a new office location in Raleigh, North Carolina which benefits both existing and future SG projects. We are thrilled to situate ourselves in a region that we have been committed to.

Since the founding of the firm in 2004, SG remains dedicated to public safety and academic facility design. With existing offices in Philadelphia, Lancaster and Baltimore, the SG team looks forward to continuing our long-standing relationships and welcoming new opportunities in North Carolina.

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SCHRADERGROUP Welcomes Designer, Christopher Farmer, LEED Green Associate!

SCHRADERGROUP (SG) welcomes a new Designer to the team, Christopher Farmer, LEED Green Associate.

Christopher brings four years of experience as an architectural designer to our team. His experience includes managing Revit models and AutoCAD for large scale academic projects (Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, Private Schools, and Libraries.) Chris also has experience on site, where he performed a variety of labor tasks and duties, gaining a thorough understanding of job site culture. Christopher is skilled in a wide array of project documentation for different phases of the architectural process.

Christopher holds a B.S. in Architectural Studies with a concentration in Advanced Design Technologies from Philadelphia University, now known as Jefferson University. He is a volunteer for Architecture in Schools and enjoys curling.

Christopher’s wide range of experience in Architecture makes him a valuable asset to SG’s academic project team.

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SCHRADERGROUP Welcomes Our Newest Architectural Designer!

SCHRADERGROUP welcomes our newest Architectural Designer, Paige Geldrich, Associate AIA, LEED Green Associate!

Ms. Geldrich is a Pennsylvania State University graduate. For her senior thesis, she investigated concepts for high school design to encompass 21st Century Learning. The thesis focused on the development of learning environments to support creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills so essential to prepare in a student for the future.

Ms. Geldrich began her time with SG as a summer intern and now is one of SG’s architectural Designers. She will focus her efforts on academic design to follow these critical skills she investigated in her thesis. Coordinating with our Project Managers and Project Architects, Ms. Geldrich will collaborate with consultants and owners as part of the SG team.