2nd Grader Paints Perspective of Hayshire Elementary School

SCHRADERGROUP (SG) completed additions and renovations to the Hayshire Elementary School in 2006 in response to district-wide student enrollment increases.  It was one of the early projects that our firm completed.  The design of the project focused on updating the exterior design using color, shape and form, and a complete refurbishment of the building interiors and building systems.  As part of the updates, the front entry was designed with a dramatic entry sequence.

Hayshire Elementary School’s Building Principal, Barbara Snare, recently sent SG a pleasant surprise—this painting of the entry of the Elementary School! From the words of Principal Barb Snare, “it was striking because of the shapes she saw in the architecture… You probably designed it that way!” And as you can see from the architectural photograph of the building (in the blog header, right image), it was certainly how SG originally saw the building entry. Mrs. Snare was also the building principal during the design process so it was great to hear form her again after so many years!

It is very fulfilling to see that a student saw exactly what SG was trying to convey through the entry sequence design. And not only that, but the fact that she adds the word “LOVE” reflects how she feels about the school, its environment and staff. A true testament to the caring personality of the administration, staff and students inside the building. Mrs. Snare epitomizes the personality of the building and makes every student feel cared for and loved!

This student’s perception of the architecture is excellent.  Just another confirmation of why we do what we do at SG and how our projects continue to leave a lasting impression for generations of students—the focus of the buildings we design.

You can read more about Hayshire Elementary School here in its project page.