New Police Department Facility at 16 South Summit Avenue, City of Gaithersburg

SG has provided architectural and engineering services for the renovation of the City-owned building located at 16 South Summit Avenue, Gaithersburg, MD primarily to be utilized for Police Services, Mayor and City Council and other departmental requirements. The new police facility is designed to meet all modern policing standards, codes, regulations and current needs, as well future growth of the agencies through at least 2027.

The existing building will be fully renovated to house the Gaithersburg Police Department. The City will also considering relocating the Mayor and City Council Chambers, community gathering space and other City Departments into the building.

The Building is located at the corner of South Summit and Olde Towne Avenues, with the primary facades facing these two streets. It also abuts Fulks Corner Avenue at the west of the property. Primary parking is in the rear (southwest) of the Building and is accessed via three curb cuts; one along Old Towne Avenue, one along Fulks Corner Avenue, and one at the southeast of the property on South Summit Avenue. The existing parking area will be divided into secure and non-secure areas to support the public safety environment. A new sally port, ammunition storage and generator addition will be constructed at the South Summit Avenue entrance.

The existing police department building is located adjacent to the Building at 14 Fulks Corner Avenue, and is housed in a converted three unit townhouse complex. That site is a 0.39 acre parcel that shares the majority of its parking with the 16 South Summit Avenue complex will become contiguous to the new police facility.


City of Gaithersburg


Gaithersburg, Maryland

Project Type


Size in SF

45,000 SF renovations

Construction Value

$11.9 million estimated

Year of Completion

May 2021 anticipated