Public Safety Complex, Programming and Planning, North Providence

SG, the Law Enforcement consultant to Robinson Green Beretta, a local Rhode Island architect, is responsible for providing programming and planning services for a new 67,000 SF public safety building for North Providence. The facility is intended to house fire and police for the city.
The two story building is proposed for a tight urban site in the city of North Providence. It has one shared two-story lobby that welcomes the public to the different entities that separately have their own specific program space. Shared spaces include the lobby, communication center, fitness center, and public bathrooms. It is designed with a front of house and back of house support structure, Police cruisers are located on the site behind the secure and staff parking.

A major concept incorporated into the back of house is the pull through area that allows the Fire apparatus to loop around the back of the site to multiple pull through Fire apparatus bays.


North Providence/Robinson Green Beretta


North Providence, Rhode Island

Project Type

Programming and Planning

Size in SF

67,000 total SF

Year of Completion

2018 construction anticipated